What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

I tempting to buy it as well, but I won't another case where I buy a show only for it get license and released in the UK half a year later.

Was going to wait it out to see if AL licence and release Re:Zero S2 around 2024, but 4 months until the Christmas announcements is a long time and the LE will most likely be OOP by then.
I've just ordered Re:Zero S2 LE myself to be safe via AllYourMusic on ebay, first time using their store. With their buy two get 20 - 25% off I got another title for more or less the same price as I would had paid for Re:Zero S2 LE individually which makes the hit to my card a little less heavy.
Yeah have been mulling grabbing RE:zero S2 LE for a bit and finally gone for it (really not sure how well its gonna fit with my UK CE or the LE set) from AllyYourMusic ebay before the month end and with everything going on with rightstuf does kinda push me in that direction (Also grabbed Kakushigoto as I suspect that as cheap as I'm ever gonna get it now with crunchyroll being aboard the trainwreck that it is)

Will probably grab some more stuff from AllYourMusic before the end of the month, but as other are thinking might have to try stackery (probably for sentia store), and can always hope some of the titles im looking at get a UK release, but that really is a guessing game.
2023 HAUL VER 9.7
(note: images are hosted via AUKN for the meantime)

Final item of the month and the first item of next month will likely have photos taken during the weekend as we are approaching darker hours.


I noticed on the Blu-ray forum there had been some more discounts at the usual prices for a few of Criterion's big boxsets and for Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman I had noticed something unusual, a retailer offering the price for far lower than Amazon's discount. Now this price isn't as low as what others have gotten through the first batch super discount of 2018 or via the Zoom store, but given the circumstances of various Criterion titles going out of stock/print I decided now was a good time more than never.

And it was genuine! This is a 25 film box set across 9 Blu-ray discs collecting various films directed by Kenji Misumi, Kazuo Mori, Tokuzo Tanaka, Kimiyoshi Yasuda, Kazuo Ikehiro, Akira Inoue, Satsuo Yamamoto, Kihachi Okamoto, and Shintaro Katsu. The box set is presented similarly to the Shawscope box sets which use a digibook to house the discs.


Both the digibook and book are hardcover and honestly for the price this is a pretty nice offering. The artwork is really nice and while the main box spine doesn't have the title on it, the digibook side does. It's also smaller than I had estimated.

In terms of what to expect for the October haul, there'll be a lot of Rightstuf orders planned as we approach the end of their run. I'll call it the 'Farewell to Space Irresponsible Captain Rightstuf' haul.
I've always wondered if people who buy these anime vinyl releases actually ever listen to them or if it's just a collector's item and not for practical use. In any case you can get a turntable for around £50.
Probably will end up gettin a decent one down the line
But with it being bloom into you and also limited edition i thought i would get it on release rather than buying down the line for double price