What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

As the Europe store based in Luxemburge, UK would be required to pay Customs for anything under £130

and if the orders above £130 it would be Customs and Duties like normal imports


So with that in mind, example Nendoroid Surtr would be Euro 63 + Shipping + £7 Royal Mail Handling fee + 20% import charge

So around £73 + shipping if you're unlucky and get hit by customs (unlikely?) or £55 + shipping if you dont

Vs Dekai thats £61 if you choose the EU Release date with 10% preorder discount


Things like this is why I think Brexit wasnt a good thing, but this isnt a political debate and its past middnight lol

That really sucks. It would have been very nice for Europe to be able to save some money on figures, especially if you're into larger figures like FREEing Bunnies, which are both pricy and extremely expensive to ship.
I'm definitely gonna have to double dip for that Death Parade set during the next sale,, just for the artwork on the box. That looks so good!. I do own the US LE set, so I've held off on getting the UK box set.
From those prices, I can only assume some of these figures are made from solid gold 😅
I'm sure you'd love this one!


That'll cost you £1,226 plus shipping and customs
Speaking of overpriced statues. I only own one and it's an $600 First 4 Figures Ornstein statue.


If I had unlimited money I would want to buy the Prime 1 DC Comics Dark Nights Death Metal line (based on the recentish Justice League story with the same name). I've been a DC Comics fan for decades and these just look awesome.

I'm definitely gonna have to double dip for that Death Parade set during the next sale,, just for the artwork on the box. That looks so good!. I do own the US LE set, so I've held off on getting the UK box set.

It is definitely a nice little set! If you haven't seen the rest of it this is what is included. Not pictured but there is alternate artwork under the slip cover as well.

Few new additions to the collection.

Firstly we have the last of the Universal Anime Blu Rays that I needed to collect. Such a shame that we didn't get anymore of these but ad least we got these because they are super nice.Drifters.jpg

Secondly we have a couple more CE from AL and Funi. Always wanted to get Jin Roh because of it amazing artwork and I am interested in Fire Force because its now connected to Soul Eater and the LE was super cheap costing less than the standard.
Jin Roh.jpg

Lastly we have The Eagles Has Landed which is a classic WW2 film and does have a UK release but I have heard it has a bad transfer and the US release has an updated transfer which I think the Aus version uses. I finally completed my Yu Yu Hakusho steelbook collection.
Wicked City.jpg
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Got the last title I was interested in picking up from MVM's clearance sale (should had picked up Log Horizon S2 when I had the chance and Familiar of Zero I plan to get the complete collection) though will need to get the U.S. BD of S1 of Kamisama Kiss as it was DVD only over here and also picked up MVM's DOTW from the other week being NGNL 0.

Kamisama Kiss (Season 2) (BD) and No Game, No Life: Zero (BD)

2023 HAUL VER 1.5



On Monday I received HUMAN LOST, the 'very loose' film adaptation of the No Longer Human book. I've been interested to check this one out even if the film is nothing like the book, since I do like Polygon Pictures work. The film was discounted and has its slipcase so that's handy.


On Tuesday I received Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy box set for 4K Ultra HD. This set was on offer for £12 and I decided to pick it up sooner than later. I was aware that some folks received the item without any packaging during shipment but during my checkout I had the tickbox option to have the item shipped with packaging and it arrived without issue. Like the Matrix, I own these films on DVD but not on Blu-ray so it's a good upgrade.



On Friday I received One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 from CeX. The game for some reason had been slightly high in price or barely available so I decided to go for a pre-owned copy to play it safe once again. I did receive One Piece World Seeker but CeX sent me a German copy to which I'll sort out a return as I don't want these versions for my collection.



Today I received four games from Amazon, all of which are JRPGs from Square Enix that came out throughout Autumn. We have The DioField Chronicle, Star Ocean: The Divine Force, Tactics Ogre Reborn, and Valkyrie Elysium. In other words we have a new IP, a new sequel, a new remaster/remake, and a new spin-off of an older IP. Each were £27-30 on Amazon for PS5 so I bought them all now whilst the price was good.

DioField, Star Ocean and Tactics Ogre each had a promo for Valkyrie Elysium, while the latter had a promo for Star Ocean. Plus Valkyrie Elysium also has a reversible cover which is the same artwork used for the Japanese release, a very nice addition.

Final items of the month will be The Deer King and Summer Ghost, expected to arrive on Monday.