What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

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When I share any images usually it's something totally different to everyone else so I guess it felt nice to say "hey me too" for once. Yeah I know what you mean though, I've often thought that as well, I never usually post my stuff when there's already pics of it. I was joining in for a laugh more than anything really.

Speaking of sharing things that are different to everyone else....if anyone was interested that rotating display turntable I shared a pic of the other day was decent quality. The speed is just right and watching my figures rotate is strangely hypnotic. I had to laugh at some of the amazon reviews. A few people complained that the mirrored surface was scratched. It came with a protective sticker on top, it was the sticker that was marked not the actual mirrored part of the turntable! Some people. 🤪


I feel like a bit of a killjoy saying it, but I am sat here wondering just how many pictures of the same box one anime forum needs.
At least one more than when you asked.
MVM were truly committed to the concept of devilry with their Flowers of Evil release... the discs are stacked on top of each other. On the other hand, the release has excellent picture quality for standard definition.


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You won't get any Gundam pictures from me, if that is any consolation, lol... 😌
but it has girls with guns



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It's a good job they printed that on there, I can see how easy it would be for grandma to see that cover art of a woman seductively lying on a bed half undressed with her bra and pants showing and think this would be an appropriate gift for little Timmy.


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Some stuff from SAHO (not all) from a day or 2 a go and some stuff from Otaku.co.uk and a Wacom Inkling
Shana Part 2 slip cover is weird as they put spacers in the bottom to make it DVD size which is just dumb (I can only assume it's cause they didn't feel like re-sizing the art work). But it is a Blu ray case so it will fit in the LE Box.

Shana LE is still pretty cheap on Otaku.co.uk £13 for each part of season 2 in case any one else is interested (Probably will take the estimate of 6 weeks though).
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I've got Rose of Versailles part 2 on order along with those two ^ (all three titles have the same release date), so it's holding up my Discotek order. I guess RoV is not releasing early like these two have... :(
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