What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Flame Haze
Only got this volume out of the 3 I ordered from Wordery. 3 & 4 are both marked as low stock whereas this is marked as last few at this price, so I guess I'll have to wait for a bit. Haven't started reading it yet so no biggie.


Magical Girl
Just received Aria the Masterpiece volume 7 and it sure has a funny printing error. The title is missing from the front cover! Considering the absolute state of Aria's availability I can't be bothered to ask for a replacement lol
A replacement would be pointless, I'm pretty sure it affects the entire run, my copy has the same issue, and I've seen plenty of others saying theirs had it as well. I even saw a reply from Tokyopop to someone who asked about it, and they replied that it was deliberate so you could enjoy the art unobstructed. Yes, they definitely deliberately made their final release inconsistent with the rest and it's definitely not some crappy excuse to cover up their obvious printing error!

All in all, their releases are fine, but it's a miracle having my favourite series being put out by the shambling corpse of Tokyopop wasn't some absolute monkey's paw ****.


Great Teacher
Yep, my vol. 7 is the same way, definitely must have affected every copy. Still kinda funny how it missed quality control or perhaps they did notice it but only after they had already printed a large volume and didn't want to spend the cost to reprint it.

I believe they may eventually reprint volume 5, as it's currently out of print, so maybe they will eventually reprint 7 with a fixed cover as well.


Combat Butler
Conspiracy theories aside I did receive an email from Tokyopop saying that although it was intended to be a single print run they're considering offering it print for demand seeing as it's pretty hard to find. Nice to see a response at least.


Death Scythe
Had ordered the second Monogatari LN boxset and got these delivered instead:
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Some poor sods aspiring to American unis will instead have some entertainment with Nisioisin. Thankfully at least I've been promised my actual order will be delivered at some point.

Was yours from Wordery? They sent me the completely wrong set of books when I ordered the 2nd season boxset too recently. Got it in the end though.

Girls with Guns

Dragon Knight
I received a few used Blu-rays from a fellow blu-ray.com forum member this past week, specifically to patch up my anime collection. I finally got the uncensored discs for Sankarea: Undying Love so I can swap out the censored discs that originally shipped in the Funimation LE box set I have, after all these years. Also, I had received the first season of Snow White with the Red Hair without a slipcover from Rightstuf a few years ago, so I bought this set just for the S1 slipcover... Yes, I dislike o-card slipcovers to begin with, but I hate having missing slips in my collection even more.

I did import the UK Collector's Edition of Snow White, with the lovely chipboard storage box, but it still bugged me that I was missing the slip for Season 1 of the US release. I really love this series, it is a big favorite of mine, so I am very much relieved that I now have a complete set for both the UK and US releases. And, as I posted in the Watched thread, I'm currently streaming The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent on Crunchyroll, and it definitely is giving me strong Snow White with the Red Hair vibes, so I'm loving that series too!

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