What did you BUY today?

Brought some gacha:

Asuku is a dup. Kirito and Asuna were a bit of a cheat as they were unsealed and the clerk let me take a look. I think she wanted me to buy something the way she kept pushing me to look at this and that.

ugh, I'd hang myself by the hoodie cord before I wear anything One Piece, or any of those other shounen series they offer, lol...

Now, if they had a Jormungand hoodie series, or Garden of Sinners, or Ergo Proxy, or Noir, or Psycho Pass, or something along those lines, then I'd really be interested.
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My haul so far this week.

I went to Brighton on Monday and picked up:

One Piece Skechers (Luffy version)
Overwatch Bastion lego set
Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers PS3
Dragons Dogma PS3
8 GB Vita memory card

From town today :

Hatsune Miku: Project F 2nd for Vita
Over 100 albums from Bandcamp in a bunduru for the ridiculously low price of $2.50. Basically a lot of Vaporwave type music, something to chill me out in the background whilst working.