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It’s being pink because it’s a shojo is literally the only reason I can see so. So as shojo is girl brand it’s gendered by funi not me. And the pink banner just looks worse than a blue one which I already dislike so I’m not hating it Cos maybe is gendered but it looks crap

And yes gendering colours is wrong but im More for that in regards to toys and clothes not anime boxarts which I can’t imagine any child buying
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I would assume the pack designer made the banner that colour to distinguish it from the blue background, and choose pink as it fits the scheme on the logo and is the only (non-white) colour that strongly appears in the design.


Well AL may have the original as why else would they have not released film 2 yet.

Tbh Clear Card’s manga is way better as the style matches the 20 year gap has made the anime look weird in comparison as it tries to be modern but not and ends unfinished.
And the original manga is getting those collectors releases for kodansha


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I don't really buy physical manga anymore so I'm more interested in the anime BD. I actually haven't watched clear card yet as I put it down, and haven't gotten to it.

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Making the blue banner pink still makes me not like it... (and why is it pink anyway I don’t view CCS as a girly show)
I sure hope once DVDs are are thing of the past manufacturers stop using the Blu-ray banner completely on slips and cover sheets - it won't be necessary anymore, the strips look ugly as hell lined up on a media shelf, and it takes up valuable image art space on the cover. They couldn't even pick a pleasant shade of blue for the strip, it's quite an obnoxious color to the eye. I've always despised that blue (or other color) strip at the top of Blu-ray releases, and it was one of the biggest reasons I started buying all LE anime releases instead of Standard releases - at least that hideous blue strip isn't put on most chipboard LE boxes.


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I don’t think DVDs will die out for a little while yet but I hope that the concept of combo packs do. MVM are phasing them out and AL rarely include DVDs in their CEs.

More general companies like Arrow Video still have a habit of chucking in DVDs and wasting shelf space.