Overseas Upcoming Non-UK Anime BD/DVD Artwork

Jon O Fun

Vampire Ninja
MHA: Heroes Rising

Demon Slayer
That's very odd signage on region coding... I mean have they created a new code that won't work in Japan 🤔


Za Warudo
So theoretically if they do Geo lock it the same way Sentai do it'll most likely work on any English language PS3 or PS4... kinda pushing AL to get their release out asap aren't they!
Sentai's BDs seemingly check just to make sure the player's country isn't set to Japan. Aniplex's set up for Demon Slayer specifically checks to make sure the country code is US, Canada or Mexico. I have Aniplex's LE Set 1 and it plays on my PS4 fine, but on Xbox you will need to change the country to US before it will play back. Like Sentai's discs there is no traditional region coding.

Obviously though, potential buyer beware as despite all signs pointing that they will be, we don't know if the Funimation discs will be the same at this point. It will be relatively amusing if the discs are the same though, as you could import better quality discs for around the same price as the local release here, months beforehand.
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