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Really appreciate that they went with the English manga title and logo for Takagi, as opposed to CR's KARAKAI JOZU NO TAKAGI-SAN.


Surely it's missing a comma Teasing Master Takagi-san could be read as Takagi-san is the boy being teased, especially with the colouring, as Master is the English opposite of Miss (it's not used much nowadays though). Although because you have the Japanese honorific as well that would be weird, so if you're doing the full translation it should be Teasing Master Miss Takagi. Although I think it would better the other way around Miss Takagi Teasing Master.


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Surely it's missing a comma Teasing Master Takagi-san could be read as Takagi-san is the boy being teased
Whether it's Teasing Master Takagi-san or Teasing Master Takagi-san there still wouldn't be a comma either way. English is sometimes unforgiving like that, it's up to you to determine the context or look like a fool.
Miss Takagi Teasing Master.
However, that would require a comma. Miss Takagi, Teasing Master :p


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i wonder with it being the 20th anniversary of the Azumanga daioh series this year if it's worth holding out on sentai doing SD on Blu-ray for the series


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visuel temporaire des boîtes fr:

Grimoire de zéro (A5):


Bienvenue à la NHK (A4):


Albator 84 the movie (A4):


Lupin Saison 1 (A4):

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Welcome to the nhk is one of my all time favs, but I won't get it until it gets a blu ray release.
Yes I understand for the NHK, but for now there is still no good master HD

Man I would love Harlock on blu ray
For Harlock, the series had worked very well in France, it's a bit normal that publishers want to continue surfing the nostalgia while offering bluray for this movie
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Admittedly I still haven’t seen anything Harlock related. Would be keen on a decent Blu Ray or two though.