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The "Ascendance of a Bookworm" Blu Ray Set(Season 1-2, OVA) from Sentai is Geolocked.

Also there is a typo in the Bypass List. It's says "Time Nolan" but the correct Name is "Time Bokan"


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I want to thank @Denny Fisher for maintaining this thread. This has been a lot of commitment and you stuck with it for all of our sakes. So big thanks :)
It's saves a lot of time and money of UK fans importing their favourite series that won't get a UK release 😀😀😀
This thread is very helpful

Hopefully Railgun T is region free if someone decides to test it out
@Denny Fisher


They improved recently, maybe due to the takeover by Koch Media Group.
Robotic Angel has 33.8 Mb/s video and slightly over 2 Mb/s for each of the audio tracks (Jap / Eng / Ger). They didn't include any 2.0 audio mixes and, as I said, all notable special features are DVD-only.

This looks fine for me, but I don't own the UK nor US release for comparison.

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Puppet Princess (mediablasters) region B compatible.
I agree Denny you're a diamond for doing this list, there are plenty who require it, as not everybody wants to buy a multi region DVD/BD player.
I don't mind checking my collection as I have done, for missing titles but I don't have everything.

Denny Fisher

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April's UK blu ray releases added

Azur Lane
BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defence
Charlotte: Complete Collection
Chidori RSC
Fruits Basket: Season 2, Part 2
KonoSuba: Season 2
Mobile Suit Gundam F91
My Hero Academia: Season 4, Part 2
Paranoia Agent
PERSONA 5: The Animation: Part 1
Violet Evergarden

April's Australian blu ray releases added

Black Clover Season 3 Part 2
Case File No 221: Kabukicho Season 1 Part 1,2
My Hero Academia - Season 4 Part 2
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
Sword Art Online 2
Val X Love
Wicked City & Demon City Shinjuku


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Venus Wars from Sentai is Geolocked
R u sure? I‘ve checked it and it worked on my blu-ray player even when set to region B. I even put a region A blu-ray in after to make sure it was set to B. Just checked it again and tried PS3, it’s defo working.

Denny Fisher

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R u sure? I‘ve checked it and it worked on my blu-ray player even when set to region B. I even put a region A blu-ray in after to make sure it was set to B. Just checked it again and tried PS3, it’s defo working.
It's really difficult to confirm if a title is Geo-locked or region B anymore as there's no way to confirm one way or the other.
So it's just easier to state it as Geo-locked.
It's likely but not confirmed but all of sentai titles are now all region B.


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A while back I wrote an (online) utility to distinguish the two. In theory it should work for any BD that doesn't use BD-J, but in practice it only works reliably for Sentai BDs. So if you have a BD drive attached to a PC, you can use it: BD Region/Country code checker
(More details about the tool in an old post)

Sentai started checking on JP only and I haven't really bothered to check since. So for all we know, they've stopped geo-locking all together (doubt it though).


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I did wonder if I was confusing the matter but I’m not sure I understand saying it’s geolocked if it only affects Japanese Blu-ray drives. Do people on here import Japanese Blu-ray players? All I’m thinking is that it could confuse people by saying it’s Geo-locked when it’s only for Japan and I’m not aware any of us live in Japan (could be wrong)

Not trying to be funny btw, genuine question.

Denny Fisher

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Well it's not just Japanese players,
Xbox as an example has issues with some of the older titles too.
Unless someone is able to test each sentai title on a Blu-ray player that is able to tell the difference between being Geo locked and region b, most of the people on the forum won't be able to do this.
That goes for the the same with the region checker too.
Also it's also difficult to know what changes sentai make in the future with there disks.
We also know there's slight differences between Geo-locked titles in 2015 and now.
So it's just easier to list them as Geo-locked, but feel free using the region checker if you want definite proof that a title is region B rather than Geo-locked. I can always change it.