UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


Great Teacher
I was tempted until I saw the conditions. Way to limit it to almost no-one, guys!

This offer is available to you when you use a pickup location before July 1st and is limited to the first 15,000 eligible customers on select products.

Jon O Fun

Dragon Knight
In no way a bargain but I couldn't think of anywhere else to post and thought some might find interesting.
An incredibly beautiful Evangelion poster from SecretMovieClub!
Not cheap and not even sure they ship to the UK! But we do have some US members on the forum 🙂




Pokémon Master
Don't know the level of interest but Amazon have Date a Live Season 3 for £34.97 at the moment. Cheaper than the Madman version floating around and certainly cheaper than the usual £50+ before fees