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Za Warudo
For Monogatari I believe they are the AoA discs but probably not completely identical. I don't own those sets so I can't really say tbh.

Anohana and Yuuna are definitely self-authored (the latter was better than the former).
Ah ok,

I own the MVM Kizu sets and they had all the AoA style warning labels "don't pirate this or we will send you to prison" so I had always believed they were AoA discs.


Za Warudo
To be honest, it's better to have AoA discs (or close to AoA) than Hanabee discs either way.
Yeah, this is pretty much the reason why I've been umming and arring a little over if the AoA series 2 boxset is worth it or if I should just stick to my MVM one which I believe use Hanabee discs.

Besides that and the Kizu CE's which I'm convinced are probably AoA anyway, I have all of the AoA releases now :)
Alas I don't hold out much hope for Eccentric Family Season 2. I love Eccentric Family, it's one of my favourite shows, but if after nearly six years, MVM still have stock of that brilliant Collector's Edition in their shelves...


Absolute bargain! 😍
At this point I should give up on searching for this set. #PAIN


Great Teacher


At this rate, Christmas will burn
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AL CEs for those curious:
  • Ajin Season 1 - £29.99
  • Ajin Season 2 - £29.99
  • B The Beginning (UE) - £79.99
  • Escaflowne - £29.99
  • King's Game - £19.99
  • KOKKOKU - £19.99
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Part 1 - £29.99
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Part 2 - £29.99
  • MEGALOBOX - £29.99
  • Pigtails & I.G. Shorts - £19.99
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Part 1 - £29.99
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Part 2 - £29.99
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Part 3 - £29.99
  • Testament of Sister New Devil Seasons 1 & 2 - £24.99
  • Wolf's Rain (UE) - £44.99