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Spent less than I thought I would so far, that is probably a good thing though.

Rascal CE from MVM £39
Erased CE from Hive £16

Not really seeing anything I'm after from ATA unfortunately, it would only be blind buys.

Kokkoku looks interesting but I'd have to put up with the big old elephant butt logo! Eureka Seven maybe? not sure. There is the regular CE and the UE version for a bit more, but I've never seen any of it to say if I'd want to buy it or not.


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Any idea why erased is so heavily reduced in a few stores now? Maybe it didn’t sell well

I did enjoy Erased but it was not the best show I'd ever seen, I agree that it probably didn't sell amazingly well. I thought I'd buy it if I saw it cheap enough, and here we are I guess!


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Weird it wasn’t in the Al sale

Guess in the shoes of AL they have to weigh up how much room it takes up and how much space they have, they probably only look to discount stuff heavily if they want to de-list it and stop storing it.

if they think they can shift them for a better price they'll probably just hold onto them. People like Hive must have space at more of a premium if the units don't shift quickly enough.


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Yeah I would assume there was just a smidge more stock than they wanted to store say 1 and half crates worth (so maybe something like we've got 7 boxes worth on this crate let's sell it off cheap/quick freeing up that crate for a new series)

It may not have been selling as well, as other have mentioned due to already having a part's release.

I can only assume they didn't throw it in the sale because either that price would be too good for alot of people to down and might finish off there entier stock quicker than they would like for not there desired profit margin (also still pretty new release).

And yes it should be the newer verions (So the red boxed one with all 12 Episodes), EAN for red box one is: 5 037899 082614


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Some price-drops on Amazon:
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Part 1 (Collector's Edition) - £45
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (Collector's Edition) - £25
  • Steins;Gate: The Movie - Load Region of Déjà Vu - £15
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~visible confusion~ ┐( ∵ )┌

Wasn't the series called "Domestic Girlfriend"? Were there LGBTQ content included in the story? I haven't read the manga for a while so I may be out of the loop.

Edit: 😞 sigh... A bit slow on the uptake.

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I'm lost 😂 who are we referring "Fraulein" to now? What's with the teasing here...? 🗿
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