UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


Comic Book Guy
That sucks. I'll be more careful with music magpie if I find a deal on the site. Sucks that happened for you.

It is what it is, unfortunately. Even before they rebranded, I found Zoverstocks to be kind of hit and miss. But I could USUALLY be assured that I'd get what I bought in the condition it was advertised in. If there was ever a problem, I'd usually get an email saying 'we determined this item was not of acceptable quality for sale' and I'd be refunded.

That's a stark contrast to the experience I had with them in early January, where I had to fight them for a refund and invoke another party just to get it!


Magical Girl
There's a good chance it might not come back in stock due to the Essentials rerelease of Orange, but probably worth a punt at that price.