The Wii U Thread (Including NNIDs)!

Man I think I'm gonna end up buying Splatoon, looks so bloody fun and hey a reason to actually play my WiiU would be nice, not really been on since Bayonetta. I have soooo many games to play though :/ is it true you have to use the god awful wii u pad? Would be a certain buy if I could use the pro, but I really hate the big monstrosity of a thing.


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From what I've heard, the way they've integrated a little bit of motion control into the game really works well, and using the Wii U pad ends up feeling natural.


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Smeelia said:
I think this Splatoon game would appeal to me on the "dress-up" aspects alone (which is also one of the main reasons I'm an RPG fan). Sadly, I don't have a Wii U and I'm not likely to get one. Maybe that's for the best though if it's a team based game and I ended up dragging everyone down by being rubbish and missing opportunities to progress in favour of examining people's choice of attire.
I think that's the beauty of Splatoon, there's soo many ways to help your team that you never feel like a burden or a weak link, because the aim of the game is to just paint your colors on the ground, so just the act of shooting, anywhere is having a positive influence on your team. There's many roles you can take, from being the one who 'kills' the opposing players which isn't the aim of the game but gives your team more time to paint the world to staying behind at your spawn point and making sure that your half of the map is protected to just staying out of trouble and painting whatever. I go from absolutely destroying the other team to getting destroyed in the next game, and the teams are constantly reshuffled so its impossible to every place the blame on a single person, unless you do nothing at all :p I never play online games, and that's due to anxiety even online, but in Splatoon I think everybody pulls their own weight just by being present.

ilmaestro said:
From what I've heard, the way they've integrated a little bit of motion control into the game really works well, and using the Wii U pad ends up feeling natural.
Yeah the motion controls are amazing. Like I said, the aim of the game is to just paint the ground, so accuracy isn't the point here, not to say that the motion controls aren't accurate, because the gyro in the gamepad is amazing. You can disable the motion by the way. The way it works is, even when enabled you use the right stick to aim, but the gyro enables you to move your reticle more freely and faster (the sensitivity of the stick can be adjusted btw) so its a mix of using both, but you can turn the motion off and just use the sticks (which I think overall puts you at a massive disadvantage). Motion controls have a lot of negative baggage attached to them, but almost everybody whose played Splatoon have fell in love with their implementation here :)
I really enjoy playing splat zones too, it's really intense as it focuses people in one area. Turf war is still fun it just isn't as enjoyable as ranked battle for me. You also get loads of points/cash for winning a ranked battle (I think it depends on rank but when you start you get 1300 + points gained in match and a C grade you get 1600 + points in match!)


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I'll be honest, I haven't played since Sunday night, so I haven't had a chance to try out the new modes and the new map. I will say that the single player in this game is amazing however, the final boss is inkredible :p


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black1blade said:
I have only done the first world so far XD
Keep at it, it really picks up and I really enjoyed it! Its not too long, but it has a decent amount of meat on it and those scrolls can be a challenge to find as the levels go on, and like I said, the last boss is amazing :)


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Yup the music in this game is fantastic and fits with the whole visual aesthetic. I don't want to spoil anything obviously, but the end boss has an incredible soundtrack. Look forward to hearing your impressions once you're done :)
I haven't done it yet but I saw my little bro do it and it was pretty awesome. The credits where cool too. I have been playing too much multi player to do much more of the campaign.


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Nintendo confirmed that Lucas, Roy and Ryu are available for Super Smash Bros. as paid DLC...NOW.
Needless to say, the eShop went down the second it was announced.

Finally picked up a pro controller for myself. It seems comfortable enough to hold, but I'm not entirely sure about the positioning of the right analogue stick in relation to the four main fire buttons. It does feel infinitely better for playing Bayonetta with than the standard gamepad though.
In the last week, I managed to get a Wii U :3 I have got Splatoon, Smash Bros, Wind Waker HD and Xenoblade Chronicles X with it. I'm really like using the Gamepad as a controller, and the off screen play feature is awesome <3 My NNID is below if anyone would like to add me.