The Wii U Thread (Including NNIDs)!


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The next generation of video games is finally among us! Nintendo is first out of the gate with their first HD system, the Wii U. Due for release in Europe on 30th November (although some people, like myself, got it a day early).

So, what games are you playing, what's your Nintendo Network ID, thoughts on Miiverse etc?

List of Nintendo Network IDs (Username - ID):
Aya-Kun - Aya-Kun
Ath - theadlib
britguy - jonno394
FourthLion - FourthLion
Joshawott - Joshawott


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My NNID is theadlib, I'll add you tomorrow! I shall hope to try Nintendoland on Friday, it looks like a blast. Miiverse looks like it could be really fun, it's totally the sort of thing only Nintendo would do!

I plan to get New Super Mario Bros U at some point in the future, and maybe ZombiU. Also want to test out the basic upscaler that the Wii U has for Wii games, will transfer my stuff across tomorrow as well. Slightly disappointed that the signal on the controller doesn't reach as far as my bedroom though :(


Monsieur Monster
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Adding you now! Hopefully Tesco deliver my Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed tomorrow.

Miiverse is awesome. I also love how it lets me access the American and Japanese boards too (Japan has a Nintendo Land community and the console isn't even out there? :S).
I'll be there as Twinness. I have NSMBu, and eventually I'll have NintendoLand. In fact, I just found out they're giving out codes to download it instead of sending out the disc...
I'm there as FourthLion (same as everywhere :D ). Mostly just been browsing netflix and miiverse so far.

The mii that the console made from my picture was hideous. I think I may just be in denial about what i look lke though (I recently shaved off my long hair so I don't really recognise myself anymore anyway).

Only got NntendoLand so far but will be downloading more later. Full retal games are a bit too pricey to download though so might go see if I can trade some 360 games in for something tomorrow.
I wanted Ninja Gaiden 3 but looks like it isn't out here til jan?
Mutsumi said:
I'll be there as Twinness. I have NSMBu, and eventually I'll have NintendoLand. In fact, I just found out they're giving out codes to download it instead of sending out the disc...
It seems like AMazon have been afflicted by a lack of Nintendoland in the bundles (whether their fault ie removing game to sell, or Nintendos, is unknown). My bundle game with the disc and case.
Anyone else find you don't bother looking at the TV ever and are always looking down at the controller now? At least for normal Wii U navigation. Weird.

Annoyed the controller can't maintain my connection to the bedroom (a mere 9 or 10 feet away), but I can still watch NetFlix on the loo.

EDITED TO ADD: I've added everyone, feel free to add me back :)


Monsieur Monster
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My GamePad can reach my bedroom, which is above my front room...but not my kitchen, which is right next to it.

And yeah, I kind of have a Nintendo Land code...I received the physical copy with my Wii U. I dunno what to do with it though - Basic pack owners don't have enough space to download it, Premium pack owners would have that leaves ZombiU pack players I could sell it to. Or, I could download the game and trade-in my physical copy or something.
Pretty sure I've added you, but haven't had an add back. I think Josh probably just spelt your ID wrong, first time I only used 1 'n' and it gave me some message about your account being null or deleted.
Just FYI, the best way to add NNID is through the miiverse, as otherwise the other member wont see the friend request.

Go in to Miiverse, click on your profile and then click search member.

Loving the miiverse so far, i'll add whoever hasnt added me yet shortly :)
I think you can only add through miiverse if you have interacted or something. I searched a few of you and couldn't add you from there. Maybe there's some kind of privacy setting?