The Nintendo Switch Thread

The next Nintendo console is the Nintendo Switch...Small trailer below.

Honestly I think it looks pretty interesting (but certainly not impressive) so I'll most likely buy one if the price is right (I say that, I paid like £300 for my Bayonetta 2 machine so what I consider the right price is questionable...).

I'm curious what sort of res the screen is as I read 720p which seems a bit silly in 2017, but I guess that also has it's benefits (cheaper, less power usage, games require less graphical power to run etc). Also the "portable" part doesn't look like it would fit in my pocket so not really sure how portable I'd find it.

I really wanna know the specs tbh, I don't expect them to be particularly impressive as it's clearly not the focus here, but it's information I like to know.

Ultimately it'll really hinge on the games for me as while I can't deny the Wii U has some great titles for many people it had very little for me personally (well, it has a lot I thought I wanted until I played them....).

Anyway, consider me interested, I just hope to god they can get a decent online infrastructure going this time, I'd settle for a xbox live/PSN level here and even they're awful lol.
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The Nintendo Switch looks a really fun system, looks like the D Pad is similar to the C buttons on the N64 controller. Looks like there will be a new Mario game. Yay for more Splatoon, whether it's a port or a sequel :) And nice to see Skyrim being released on a Nintendo console, and being able to play it on the go.


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I think this looks awesome. A portable console with that much power is exciting and the fact you switch between a console and a portable seems like what the Wii U was trying to be but done right this time. I have concerns about the battery life, but I'm also quite wary, about how many of those devs from the press release will actually stick with this and make games for it consistently, rather than just dumping a handful of titles at launch then writing it off like EA and others did at the time of the Wii U launch. I'm also curious as to what kind of memory it comes with and what expansion it takes. Ideally, SD or Micro SD like the 3DS. I'm also wondering if this time Nintendo will finally be able to do online justice. They're still leagues behind and if they want any hope of competing with the Xbone or the PS4, they'll need to sort all that out.


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It'd be nice to be able to play Legend of Zelda games without having to buy a console primarily for that purpose.

I can't say I've used the portable aspects of actual portable consoles much, so I'm not sure how much a hybrid system would appeal to me. I guess it's nice that they're trying interesting things but I'm still not convinced it's worth tying a few great games exclusively to a console (and potentially holding those games back, performance wise).
So, anyone else being stupid and considering staying up for the Nintendo Switch stream? I'm off work tomorrow so I'm thinking about it, but at the same time it's Nintendo so I'll probably just be disappointed anyway and I kinda need to go shopping tomorrow too.... Still, it's a new console and it has Zelda so it could be worth watching....


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I suspect it will be disappointing. The concept does nothing for me, and I suspect it will be enormously expensive for what it is.

That said, I'm not staying up. This is what Eurogamer is for.
I got up at 3.55 to watch that, came out completely disappointed even though Zelda and Mario look amazing, plus Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (even though framerate looks awful)

£279, paid online, overpriced accessories etc, expensive minigame collections, launch lineup is so weak too.


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There have been better console announcements, but overall I was positive coming out of the stream.

Based on the US price, I was thinking UK would be £249.99. I was on the fence for that price but I probably would've chanced it.

Stayed up for the Amazon pre-order. £280.00! Have put my order in, but unless Ninty pull some magic out of the ass before March and announce a better launch line-up, I'm probably gonna cancel and wait to see if they do a package closer to Xmas with Mario to compete with Scorpio.

And that's £280.00 before NoE announce prices for the accessories such as the charge grip and pro controller.

Serious question: Who is the Switch for? It's far too expensive for a handheld, and if you're interested in console gaming, surely you'd just switch to the XB1S or PS4 Pro? Which are about the same price and offer a lot more games...

Is anybody really that interested in Zelda: But You Can't See Anything Because The Picture Is So Soft?
I bought a PS4 for Christmas and haven't even touched it but I'm super excited for Switch.
Are there enough people like you? Probably not. Its a shame, but I can't see this having much more staying power than the WiiU, unless they can drastically cut prices and maintain third-party support. (I doubt they can do either, never mind both.)


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Put my order for one in at amazon, but the $299/£279 is pretty crazy, but understandable thanks to the currency fluctuations.

Still I wonder if it will be hard to find and it will be the wii all over again.
I was cautiously optimistic the price would be ok, but £300+ is much more than I'd spend on a modern home console. Disappointed with the battery life, too (supposedly only around 3-4 hours). Shin Megami Tensei, Zelda, No More Heroes and Xenoblade might push me to get it eventually, but I'll wait for a sizeable price drop. Based on their share prices taking a hit after the reveal, safe to say quite a few people have been Switched off (wahahaha)...

Edit: Also saw that the paid online subscription will include a free game every month. Great... but it's an NES/SNES game and only yours for one month and then you're locked out of it. I thought Sony's offerings since the launch of the PS4 were weak, but I can't understand who would come up with that idea.
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Stocks almost always fall on news. Nothing new there.

Very close to cancelling my preorder. Joycon grip controller looks uncomfortable so wanted a pro controller. Being priced at 60£ means a switch zelda and a controller costs £390. I'm not down with that.

I expected to spend £450 to get a switch, controller, 3 retail games and eshop stuff (based on "leak" from Laurakatedale that a switch with a packin game was 250), not happy with this atm.


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I've always brought Nintendo's consoles ever since I got a NES as a wee nipper. But I think I'll skip the switch due to each new Nintendo Console I get, I buy fewer and fewer games each time as the only decent ones are Nintendo's own.

I got a Wii U and I have only played 4 games on it: Zelda Windwaker HD, Zelda Twilight Princess HD, Smash Bros and Mario Maker, add in Zelda breath of the wild and that's only 5 games for a console which doesn't justify the £200+ I spent on buying it.

I might get a Switch when it's £50-£100 and I can get all the good games for it on the cheap.
Stocks almost always fall on news. Nothing new there.

Very close to cancelling my preorder. Joycon grip controller looks uncomfortable so wanted a pro controller. Being priced at 60£ means a switch zelda and a controller costs £390. I'm not down with that.

I expected to spend £450 to get a switch, controller, 3 retail games and eshop stuff (based on "leak" from Laurakatedale that a switch with a packin game was 250), not happy with this atm.
I do agree that shares usually fall, but if include the reveal in December, Nintendo's share prices have almost fallen by a third. That's a pretty big drop for a new console (not as bad as when the Wii U launched, though).

I'm interested to see what the bundle prices end up being. Walmart say their bundles could start from $400, so could be pretty expensive. Using 32GB memory cards again won't help, either (but it sounds like it should be easier to expand memory). Makes me wonder if they have so many leftover 32GB cards, that they have to include them with the Switch. XD


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The console is too expensive. Its competing against more powerful consoles and tablets. You can't even argue about the portable premium as mobile gaming is cheaper these days anyway. Couple this with a very poor starting line up, expensive accessories and pay to play online gaming then its not very competitive.

For non Nintendo fan boys if you had £300 to spend on a console would you but Switch or a PS4/Xbone? Logic would suggest the latter. Nintendo cant keep relying on rinsing its fan base, the Wii was successful as it appealed to outside of this. It needs to be cheaper and have a more games if its going to be a success.