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CR over here in the US works pretty much flawlessly for me, no complaints here. I have 100 Mb internet service though too, which probably helps. I subscribe to CR, HIDIVE and Netflix, although Netflix is mainly for my two daughters to watch shows on, not anime, as I have no TV service in my house - by choice. HIDIVE I haven't watched a single anime on since I started subscribing, though, I should just drop it and save the $3.99 per month. I will never support Funimation's streaming, and I don't subscribe to Amazon Prime, so I will never stream there either.

So basically just CR and a few anime on Netflix, as far as any streaming goes for me.


Oh? So it's just an announcement for the separate versions?
That amazon set looks like a LE as it has a preorder cut off date. So the announcement would be for the separate films. And each film is 9K yen so that set is like a 4K saving.
But end of September for these no way I can see FUNi releasing them before PP3... so it’s Free s3 all over again


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This year's Cannes Classics programme has been announced, and it includes the latest major and very timely anime restoration - Hakujaden, which is more commonly known in English as The Tale of the White Serpent but now appears to be officially marketed as The White Snake Enchantress. It was the first anime feature film in colour.

Hakujaden (The White Snake Enchantress) (1958, 1h18, Japan) by Taiji Yabushita

Presented by Toei Animation Company, ltd., Toei company, ltd. et and National Archive of Japan. The project celebrates the 100th year anniversary for the birth of Japan animation and 60th anniversary for the original theatrical release in 1958.
4K scan and restoration from the original negative, 35mm print, tape materials, and animation cels by Toei lab tech co., ltd. et Toei digital center are carried out. The restored data is stored in 2K."

I hope this will get picked up for release like Momotaro, and hopefully it's also not too long before we get proper restorations for Prince of the Sun and The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon.