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They're on Comixology, so I might buy them digitally to read when I go on holiday (lack of space and not really liking hardbacks are another factor). The first 3 are reduced in price at the moment as well.
They're Kodansha who are probably the best at adopting to digital. Their stuff is available on all storefronts. Yen, Seven Seas and Vertical are seriously lagging behind wrt digital availability of their titles.


Thousand Master
Why so? There is prose material (2 full novels + 1 short story) that would fill in a 1-cour season more than plenty. Also the author was able to put out the script of the ova episode over night, after a meeting with the anime staff, so there is also good chances he might just quickly write some new stories for it to fill some gaps, should material run short. (And there is also this short, that was in the BD Box booklet/included in the Manga volume 11, that would make for half an episode.)