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Its very nice, but im not a fan of having the same design across the whole series. (Assuming the vol 2 image is accurate)


Its very nice, but im not a fan of having the same design across the whole series. (Assuming the vol 2 image is accurate)
It looks like they're going for the idea of it looking quite ordinary next to more traditional literature, which means the design may be the same across the series, as novels and the same series of general knowledge books often have

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For anyone interested, the Oscar nominations start at 1.20pm (5.20am PT). It will be interesting to see if any anime will be nominated, and if so who it will lose to.


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I think this shows GKIDS can push it and eleven and FUNi can’t
Tbf Funimation had both arms tied behind their backs with Your Name due to the film being unavailable for voters to watch, either in the cinema or screeners. If they submitted it for the following year, which they could have being a foreign language release it would have had a better chance.


Yeah they didn’t do Your Name right at all... quite funny considering AL had it cinemas subbed and dubbed late 2016 and yeah it would have been better for last years as boss baby was shortlisted so... (though actually I would say this year is weaker)

Maybe whoever has this years shinkai film can do it better


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My money's on any of the three properties owned by Disney, much like the Oscar voters themselves, who we know don't even bother to watch anything less than mainstream. So they won't have seen Mirai and probably haven't seen Isle of Dogs, Isle of Dogs isn't likely to get it because of that whole "cultural appropriation" kerfuffle and all the controversy about the Oscars being too "white" recently. So it's a possibility they'll give it to Spider-Man for diversity points to make themselves look in touch. But it'll probably go to Incredibles or Wreck it Ralph because those are the ones Hollywood entertainment execs are most likely to have seen in the two hours a week they spend with their children.