The *Im looking for* thread.


Great Teacher
Looking for a good proxy service for Yahoo Japan auctions. Like, it should be simple and also not too expensive in fees and offer reasonably shipping. (I don't really expect anybody to bother offering surface mail, but at least SAL should be there and not just EMS) Preferably one that's not too much of a basic commission, or one that has one and does not go by percentage, since I am aiming mostly for stuff at the 15-20k Yen dimensions or something around 200k.

Or alternatively, I'm looking for some other places like Amazon Japan Marketplace to combine with forwarding service. Some online plattform that has used stuff for cheaper and accepts non-Japanese Mastercard.
I've always used Buyee. 500¥ service charge and can be used with Rakuten, Amazon etc with no comission charge. It's a 5% comission with Yahoo Auctions. Shipping goes from basic surface mail to next day courier


Great Teacher
Hmm, they seem to handle international shipping themselves and it's pretty expensive judging by the estimate calculator for 500g surface mail? oo") Can they leave the international shipping part out, too and just have it send to an address I give them? (e.g. biginjapan's address.)


Great Teacher
I just kind of realized, Surface mail's fees are like fixed prices on all the levels of a kg. And they are even higher than SAL, lol?

From the looks of it, you can collect multiple auctions and have them bulk sent together - Is there some sort time frame after which you have to have a shipment?
Another question, just to be sure about buyee... That Service Fee and Payment fee they charge - Do they only charge it when you've won? It would be silly if that weren't the case, but it doesn't say so clearly anywhere... @.@


Dragon Knight
A different post for Ghibli movies:
Any of the following GKids/Shout Factory Blu Rays with slipcovers:
  • Laputa Castle in the Sky
  • Kiki's delivery Service
  • Whisper of the Heart
  • Porco Rosso
  • Princess Mononoke
  • From up on Poppy Hill
  • Ocean waves
  • When Marnie was there
  • The tale of Princess Kaguya