The *Im looking for* thread.


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I do have the Gunbuster 2 volumes too but I'm not sure if that's what you're after
It is, yes. Gunbuster 2 is the English name I believe, it goes by Diebuster in Japan, but they're the same series. This one if you want to be sure. Also, taking a look at the prices that Homenise Gunbuster you posted pictures of goes for (£90+) I think I'll pass on that. Sorry!


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Yeah, you can get some bargains from that seller if it's an auction (I got my complete Texhnolyze Geneon boxset from them for like, £15), but their BiN prices are insane.
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Video game related. Long story short the PlayStation Vita is wrapping up and as such titles will eventually go up in price. I managed to get pretty lucky with a couple of the exclusive titles like the Sony first-party ones (as the new/sealed copies went OOP a while back) but there are a couple Japanese games I still need to get.

The biggest priority at the moment is Corpse Party: Blood Drive. I simply just need the standard edition. Prices used to be £10-15 but now have spiked up to £30 which is annoying.