The *Im looking for* thread.

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  1. unknownfate

    unknownfate Thousand Master

    I do have the Gunbuster 2 volumes too but I'm not sure if that's what you're after
  2. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    It is, yes. Gunbuster 2 is the English name I believe, it goes by Diebuster in Japan, but they're the same series. This one if you want to be sure. Also, taking a look at the prices that Homenise Gunbuster you posted pictures of goes for (£90+) I think I'll pass on that. Sorry!
  3. Alex93

    Alex93 Dandy Guy, in Space

    Sword art online (aniplex) blu ray
  4. Alex93

    Alex93 Dandy Guy, in Space

    Huntsr x Hunter Blu Ray releases
  5. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Thousand Master

    Hozuki's Coolheadedness BD
    Kyo Kara Maoh Season 2 Vols 7-9
    The Story of Saiunkoku
  6. st_owly

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    Does anyone either have the UK Metropolis BluRay for sale or can point me in the direction of it?
  7. crashmatt

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    As long as it's not the steelbook your after Zavvi sell the standard for £12.99
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