The General Japanese Learning Thread


Ichi, ni, san
I always remember this from Bleach. Ichi-nii-san was Ichigo's sisters nickname for him.

That where I stop though. I have played one of those gamifying language apps for Japanese called Infinate Japanese, but I've forgotten most of it. You'd have objects dropping from the sky which you click on and you either get the number (in the one category I tried), your choice of Romanji, Kana or Kanji (this is done in the settings) or a spoken word and then you have to click the answer either the word or the number. Each level starts with introducing a new one. It does seem mainly about words rather than sentences, so more of a starter tool.
I just played a little bit to remind myself and it had an ad for Duolingo 😄 and that seems to have sentences as well.