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Insomnia sucks...
Tell me about it. I don’t know if it’s the short nights, the temperature or what but for the last few days I’ve only been able to fall asleep by passing out from exhaustion.
I know the feeling.

Went bed around midnight, woke up 4:30am couldn't get back to sleep, played FFXIV for a bit, went back and slept from 7am until 10am. o_O



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My friend who has never watched anime before binged all of NGE recently and loved it. Still need to see how the new dub fares as the previews I’ve seen don’t really lend to a fair comparison.


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I'm not happy about the general idea of you two changing your avatars* - but I have to admit, they do look very cool!

*Blatant hypocrisy, because I change mine a few times per week, but still.


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@Aaron - thanks dude! 😃 😊

Aaaw, it's okay 😊 👍

I generally like to play around with avatars a bit just because I make my own, but on this occasion I was inspired by the simulwatch and I made about 8 Reis! 😃

↑ The fallout of R.C.S. (Rei Confusion Syndrome).
"~AyaMachi~ used Confuse Rei - IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!" o_O
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Since this isn't really an event I can post in the Conventions, Events and Websites (mostly not anime/manga, haha)

Anyone going GeekFest out in Pool, Cornwall (between Camborne/Redruth) next weekend (6/7 July)?



Me right now:

Just about to jump in a cold shower after spending all morning delivering or sitting in massive traffic jams because some muppet decided to close the motorway that by-passes Southampton on a weekend in Summer!