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Got the first half of my grades back for the Final Major Project (FMP) that I had to do (the six articles I posted on here and a reflective report that was a pain to write) and got a B+ which is equivalent to a 2.1. I imagine my dissertation grade will come along next month.
Is a 2.1 good? I've got 7.1 and that sounds great 😜


School Idol
That winds me up because bank holidays make me forget what day it actually is 😕
Heh. They do make the following week feel a bit weird (Friday feels like Thursday, anyone?) but it's hard for me to actually forget which day it is because of routine and such.


I remember looking forward to Bank Holidays for the extra day off, but now I actually want to work them because of extra money.
I won't be working next Monday though because I'm off to Ireland for a holiday!


I can't believe they are allowed to make people give up their bank holiday especially how people fought for them in the past. Of course people can still work them but I believe they should get overtime pay.