The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thread)

Altaïr's 🤔 just a visual update or a potential remake in the horizon?

Would be such a delight to revisit this classic and step back into the life of the Bad*ss OG Assassin Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad 🔥

AC1 had been my first introduction to the series and one of my personal favourite AC stories. Haven't gone beyond AC3 as later entries lacks that same felling after AC1 + Ezio's Trilogy.

That was a pretty great Direct for me, have been waiting 14 years to play Project Zero 4 and I absolutely adore the Theatrhythm games on 3DS (though still disappointed we never got the Dragon Quest entry outside of Japan), so an unexpected new entry has me buzzing.

A new Fire Emblem is really nice to see though I'm still yet to properly play through one, still really need to pick up Awakening and Three Houses among others, I only own the original when it was released on Switch for that short period of time. Wasn't expecting Kirby's Adventure Wii to come to Switch, never got to play that one and glad we finally got a title for Zelda, though again, I still need to play Breath of the Wild first which is weird as I adore the Zelda series, especially the 3D titles. Pikmin 4 was good to know it still exists, enjoyed of what I played of 3 on Wii U.

EDIT: That Fist of the North Star game was hilarious, thought it was going to be a port of the Ken's Rage series or Lost Paradise for a moment.
The Nintendo Direct today was fun. Most of it were things we already knew were coming out but there were some fun surprises. Raincode might be good, Fatal Frame came out of nowhere but hopefully it does well. Hopefully the Tales of Series is able to start re-releasing their older entries more frequently.
I'd forgotten all about this game! Looking forward to this even though I've never played a SHADE Inc title before. Hopefully Samurai Madien plays more like Oneechanbara than Senran Kagura. That's my preferred style form D3. The levels having traps and only having four characters makes me hopeful. But Oneechanbara Origins was really light on content so hopefully this team get a proper budget to play with.
Thought the PS5 was expensive? Hold onto your butts.

To date, my only experience with VR is via a 3rd-party headset adapter for the Switch. I used it for the two Laid-Back Camp 'experiences' and the one underwhelming VR mini-game in Mario Odyssey, and haven't touched it since. While PSVR2 will no doubt be a more impressive experience than strapping a 720p handheld console to my face, nothing I've seen of the announced games for it makes me want to splurge £530 on it yet.

It's a shame because I've been waiting for the technology to mature and was hoping to jump on the VR wagon with this one, but the lack of backwards compatibility and the fact that nothing announced so far looks like a killer app means I'm unlikely to bother on day-one. PSVR2 is going to have to accrue as seriously impressive catalogue of games first.
Sonic creator Yuji Naka has been arrested

He was last seen trying to evade police by skating down the streets of Tokyo with "escape from the city" on full blast.
Used to really enjoy YongYea's videos but the man has seriously slipped and will do a 15 - 20min video on something that could be summed up in 2 lines.
Pretty sure he milked 4 or 5 vids out of the whole Bayonetta shitstorm.
Used to really enjoy YongYea's videos but the man has seriously slipped and will do a 15 - 20min video on something that could be summed up in 2 lines.
Pretty sure he milked 4 or 5 vids out of the whole Bayonetta shitstorm.
Brevity is dead 😢

Never watched YongYea, but I can relate to that feeling - I blame it on "the algorithm" and people's tendency to more quickly CLICKCLICK on negative sh.t shrug - in these video creators' defense, you gotta pump stuff out constantly if this is your only means of income or you risk being forgotten - must be cool to do something you really enjoy but stressing as hell.


I did say brevity was dead, didn't I
I follow SkillUp on twitter, he posted about it yesterday with a link to the VGC article that takes about one paragraph to get the full story 😂

He's also probably the best comparable youtuber to YongYea as 2yrs'ish ago they pretty much did the exact same thing but SkillUp realised it doesn't respect the viewers time so now just does one news show a week 🤷‍♂️
Not that I'm hating on YongYea, man gets hundreds of thousands of views a video so good on him getting that bag!
Apparently Ninja Gaiden & Dead or Alive Reboots are in the works. I am not at all optimistic. If they try to appeal to the fighter or esports, that won't work as the market is already flooded. They probably won't try to appeal to the fanserivice market as they will likely try to release on the Playstation, which would demand it be heavily toned down.
I wouldn't be too worried about DOA fanservice. Because Nioh 2 was PlayStation exclusive by Tecmo Koei & Team Ninja and had their trademark bouncing breasts, as did Bandai's Tales of Arise. Street Fighter 6 & King of Fighters 15 also have some racier stuff and nobody complained. I am more concerned that the series director Yohei Shimbori the studio in 2021 and we have no idea who is replacing him or what the new take on the franchise will be like.

Ninja Gaiden is something the Nioh series director, Fumihiko Yasuda, has been teasing for a while now but I have no idea how he can be working on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty at the same time. So I assume that is being handled by someone else.