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What did AoA do - cut way back on the number of copies produced so they sell out faster? We need that 5+ year in-stock time frame in order to afford to get all those high priced Aniplex releases!

I actually received four Aniplex titles in today's mail, which I had ordered all because of this scare tactic RS has done to us, lol...


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I've semi-updated the first post with more out of print titles mentioned, in fact I have added a new section going over the list of out of print titles in general so if there are some missing feel free to mention it.
Awesome list there, NG, thank you for the update, very timely - since most of the titles for 2016 are going OOP already, I just ordered Owarimonogatari 1 & 2 - and I also threw in Koyomimonogatari from 2017 for good measure. I'll just need Volume 3 of Owari yet and my Aniplex monogatari series will be complete and up to date. I'll pick up that and the Irregular movie a few months down the road.

I'm looking forward to Grancrest War releasing, that will be a title I will want to pick up sooner than later.


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More specs for Monogatari series: Second Season BD-Box

SRP $269.98
Rightstuf price $219.98 (essentially $100 less than buying the individual volumes if you're from the US)
Discs: 6 (individual releases were 12 overall)
Episodes: 28 + 3 recaps
Release Date: 25th June 2019

Disc 1: Nekomonogatari White (5 eps) + Recap 1
Disc 2: Kabukimonogatari (4 eps) + Recap 2
Disc 3: Otorimonogatari (4 eps) + Recap 3
Disc 4: Onimonogatari (4 eps)
Disc 5: Koimonogatari (6 eps)
Disc 6: Hanamonogatari (5 eps)


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Music Update!

For those of you who are Kill la Kill fans and missed out on the Aniplex box sets, the music included in those box sets will soon be available together with the first original soundtrack in one complete collection, similarly to Sword Art Online's music collection.

The Kill la Kill Music Collection will include the following:
  • Original Soundtrack CD #1 (already available standalone)
  • Original Soundtrack CD #2 (was included in LE volume 1)
  • Rearrange & Remix Soundtrack CD (was included in LE volume 3)
It will be available sometime in June 2019 to coincide with the release of the Japanese Blu-ray Disc Box.