The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


Shrine Maiden
Expecting to get one myself soon. My order has another item that was held being shipped alongside it too which might be delaying it a bit.
And how it’s been processed. Looking forward to finally having it on hand. Don’t think I’ll be ordering a single boxset at that price again for a good while.
Ordered a few more Aniplex of America titles last night, just a few minutes before midnight EST, so early morning today over there in GMT land:

Owarimonogatari Volume 1
Owarimonogatari Volume 2

Just need Owarimonogatari Volume 3 yet to get my AoA monogatari series complete and up to date.


March comes in like a Grav
AUKN Staff
Next up on the collection haul is...

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray & DVD

Perfect Blue
Film Ultimate Edition Blu-ray
The 2019 remaster of Perfect Blue has been revealed, and thanks to the early bird discount code I ordered it today. Can't wait.