The 12 Days of Christmas 2019 Sale for Anime Limited and MVM Entertainment


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May go for Vampire Hunter D. Most of the other things I own and neither pre-order interests me much. King’s Game appears to be getting glowing praise though...


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King's Game is a series that I classify as "enjoyable trash". Bad but bizarrely enjoyable in various ways. It's my void for the death genre that doesn't show up often, outside of Another and the manga series As the Gods Will.


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Blood lad is cheap enough that I might blind buy it with my regular order. But I am wondering what's wrong with it to need this price?

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But it was the show I've ever seen the most hate watching for as in NO BODY I saw liked it.
After seeing that up for preorder,, my minds been reminding me just how f'ng awful that show was.

Sorry Grav, but I dont think it was even enjoyable trash... Just Trash

And writing this post just reminded me about the fire scene.. ok.. I'm done


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Blood lad is cheap enough that I might blind buy it with my regular order. But I am wondering what's wrong with it to need this price?
I liked it. For the price it's a fun watch. Also the manga is complete so the whole story is available if you enjoy it and want to fund out what happens.


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King's Game - Collector's Edition and Calamity of a Zombie Girl will be available later also? I mean, during sales will have a good price, but it will be available later time in regular shops (Zavvi/Amazon)?


Today (2nd December 2019) we've started taking orders for this, and we've got a very limited time special offer as part of our 12 Days of Christmas offers on this as well! But if you're waiting for this to appear with other retailers, have no fear as those listing should start to appear in the coming weeks.


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So Bloodlad and Vampire Hunter D are out of the potential mystery box, to bad. 3.99 is cheap tough....Hmm should i? or should i not? hehe. Hard to choose.

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Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Know nothing about these but £10 is a good price

is Vampire Hunter D a good Film?


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Blood Lad is fun though sadly one of many anime adaptations that sort of just ends with no continuation in sight. For £3.99 it’s well worth the price though.
Oh, hard pass then even at that price. This is my anime pet peeve, only two shows have ever enthralled me enough to want to pick up the manga afterwards and my avatar is one of them. I want anime that are complete stories or at least have good natural end points (even if the manga continues).


It's... okay. Enjoyable enough, but somewhat marred by being English dub only, and the dub... isn't great, IMO. Lots of very stilted, odd cadence line reads, that kind of took me out of it.
I honestly really like the english voice acting
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I mean, Blood Lad is far from being a masterpiece, it's just OK, but if you're in the UK and don't have to pay obscene shipping prices, 4 pounds is worth it for the package alone, for collectors.

I would totally get Gankutsuou if I didn't have to pay 11.50 for shipping, but I'm getting the French steelbook for 21 eur, which is pretty great. Nothing else interests me that I don't have. I was burned out with Tokyo Ghoul first season and I already have Vampire Hunter.

A quick look at MAL leaves me scratching my head as to why King's Game was licensed. But if it sells good, all the better for AL.