The 12 Days of Christmas 2019 Sale for Anime Limited and MVM Entertainment


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If it came with those shiny boxes SAO II and Persona have had before that bundle would have been a no brainer. (Earworm song: hako hako hako~)
But I guess that's also good, given I still have a SAO II p1 to go from the warehouse mystery box.


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Nothing for me today. I already have all the Persona3 films, I'm in no rush for Love Live Sunshine, Sword Art Online II is a try-before-you-buy (I've yet to even see the first season), and I have no interest in Castlevania.

Takei Daloui

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Ah, safe! Usually there's only a few days I actual go for, and after Monday I was fearful of the other days. Or rather my wallet was.

By the way, does MVM do one of these types of sales too? Known about the Anime Limited one for years but didn't know MVM did one. Though admittedly I somehow missed their site and brand for a while so that might be the reason for that.

Snow White part 1 SE has now sold out.
That is has. I noticed part two sold out earlier. Guess people have been picking up individual parts, though I'm surprised there is still copies of the boxset in this case. Thought that would have gone by now.


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(darn the old farts are at it again) 🧐🤪
Without the protective gaze of NormanicGrav we must split into warring factions in order for at least some of us to survive.

If we resort to cannibalism too soon we won't survive to the 5pm sales let alone tomorrow.
i was thinking about last years sale and i hope there's not gonna be another situation of something being on a 2 for £ situation and then appearing on another day again because i missed out on something because of it and could've got it instead of something else that popped up for equal pricing days later

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The salt here is delicious.


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I'm flabbergasted...My gast has never been so flabbered
While I can to some degree understand why it's not an MVM branded store (since you also sell titles from other distributors), without word of mouth it's not exactly easy to figure out that anime-on-line is run by you guys.

João Gomes

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Please put Blood Lad out of its misery, people. I bought it full price, I'm tired of seeing it during the Christmas sales.

And my wallet dodged a bullet again, whew.