Summer 2016 Legal Anime Streaming Thread: The Backup Cut

Viewster | New Simulcast Addition


momokuri has been added to the service.
GundamInfo | New Simulcast Addition


Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars special will be streaming on GundamInfo's official YouTube channel.

Regions should be the same as the previous two seasons.
Funimation | New Catalogue Addition


The first season of Psycho Pass in its 22 episode form is now available to stream on Funimation Now. The extended edition and second season are still available.
Netflix | Expiring Soon

The following are going to be delisted from the service:
  • Appleseed Alpha - 26th August
  • Genius Party - 31st August
  • Genius Party Beyond - 31st August
  • Mind Game - 31st August
  • Princess Arete - 31st August
  • Tweeny Witches - 14th September
Crunchyroll | New Simulcast Addition


Persona 5 the Animation -THE DAY BREAKERS- will be available for the United Kingdom & Ireland zone.
The TV special PERSONA5 the Animation -THE DAY BREAKERS- will be available to Crunchyroll members startingSaturday, September 3 at 5am Pacific Time in the following territories: North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland.
What exactly is this Persona 5 anime? Is it going to be set before the game thus safe to watch before hand? I hope it's better than the Persona 4 animes......

From the Crunchyroll Description:

A prologue story to the upcoming Persona 5 game, the vigilante group "Phantom Thieves of Hearts" must work together to take down a band of crooks, and steal its leader's desire.

For now, it's just a one off OVA. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm slightly dissapointed it's being done by A1 and not Production IG, who's doing the in game animated cut scenes.
Crunchyroll | Expired


Sad news everyone, The Eccentric Family has suddenly expired from Crunchyroll.

On the plus side though, this is considered to be one of the best recent anime shows around so I guess you should pickup the MVM Blu-ray release (or import the Japanese Blu-ray volumes since they have English subs).
What a shame! I love that series. Definitely a worthy buy on BD but the lack of streaming will probably hurt its chances at finding new fans :(
I've already watched mine twice. Once for the review, and once when I got my retail copy, and one of the discs had a minor scratch on it, so I had to check it, just in case. ;)

Awesome, awesome show!

I get the feeling that with NISA apparently withdrawing from US anime, their titles will start dropping like flies from streaming. Might be worth getting those A Lull in the Sea and Hanasaku Iroha re-watches in sharpish.
I get the feeling that with NISA apparently withdrawing from US anime, their titles will start dropping like flies from streaming. Might be worth getting those A Lull in the Sea and Hanasaku Iroha re-watches in sharpish.

Yeah it seems the competition is getting too much for NIS America.

Also worth mentioning the Cardcaptor Sakura sets have reduced its SRP now (once $249.99, now $199.99) so if any of you haven't picked up the Blu-ray and do have access to Region A, there you go.
Yeah darn shame to see that NIS America apparently left the anime market, it certainly seems so :( They have such nice releases, with very sturdy packages and nice artwork. Also all their releases also come with an informative booklet, love their releases.

What Eccentric Family concerns, only seen the first 2 episodes as i first had troubles with subtitles disappearing too fast on my Oppo BDP-93 player, but when ripping the first 2 episodes as test from the Blu-ray and playing these on my media player, the problem didn't occur.

Need to revisit this series as fast as possible as i hear/read great things about it.
I wonder if this would affect YuruYuri as well, although maybe the streaming situation for it is slightly different. Either way, they haven't released (possibly even licensed) the third season yet and I guess they're maybe not going to. That's a show that I wouldn't mind Anime Limited picking up, it's not that different to most of their releases so far really...

NIS America actually have quite a few good shows and it's a shame we don't have UK releases for many of them.

At least a release for The Eccentric Family is available, so that's something.
Crunchyroll | New Catalogue Addition

Thanks to the Funimation partnership these titles are now available to stream for the UK & Ireland:


D.Gray-man Hallow


First Love Monster


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


Psycho Pass


Puzzle & Dragons X