So whats your desktop?


Since I have a phone that isn't a steaming pile of you know what in 2021, I decided to give it a proper wallpaper for it's main and lock screens.
Not necessarily desktop but as I'm pretty big into Project Sekai at the moment I updated my phone wallpapers with two of my favourite card sets from the game. Pretty big contrast though as Project Sekai has quite the variety of themes for its card sets.

Lock Screen
Wanderer's Journey (Kanade Yoisaki, Mizuki Akiyama, Ena Shinonome)

Home Screen
Welcome to diner!! (Airi Momoi, Saki Tenma, Mizuki Akiyama)
Since I built and commissioned my new computer 5 months ago I change my wallpaper frequently-current one. Guess who it is?Screenshot (3).png
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A temporary desktop image as my Windows on the laptop is being silly and saying it isn't activated (following an update) and hence it won't display a 3,840x1020 image spread across the laptop screen & monitor (it's duplicating the image).

No idea if it's an original artwork, I just searched anime girl in dress and this popped up


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Back to my older desktop for my laptop as Windows is now behaving. I've been playing with the wallpaper picture for me phone. Something to remind me of summer time when days are short and weather is cold.

The bit at the bottom was originally black but I decided to put some stars over it to make it less solid as I needed to lift the main image so it wasn't cropped or covered by the main apps I use


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