So What's Your Avatar Pic?


Hey, thanks, @Geriatric hedgehog. 😀
I've made a whole bunch of new Kyon avatars recently, so I'd love to get the chance to show off some of them. I was actually thinking about maybe trying something in this thread that I thought of as "Avatar Idol", where I could post a couple of choices for next Kyon avatar and then y'all could pick one. I dunno. 😅

@RadFemHedonist: Aww naww, I didn't mean to freak you out! 🤣
I was aiming more for the shadowy look of a not-yet-unlocked character in Super Smash Bros. or something.


Grav's End Harem
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The idea was to layer her surprised face inside your Kyon head, lol. ;)
Here you go :p
Aw, man. 🤣

Actually, the basic concept of that is reminiscent of another Kyon avatar that I've already made. You might get the chance to see that one at some point. Prepare to be freaked out!

Meanwhile, I've made another potential avatar using Girls with Guns' source image. Perhaps this is what I should use for the duration of the simulwatch. Thoughts, anyone? 😛
Kyiss ALT2.png

EDIT: Aw thanks, @Geriatric hedgehog! 😀