So What's Your Avatar Pic?


The most [HUMAN] fighter from the (why isn’t it more popular) game [SKULLGIRLS] - RoboFoturne [beepboopmeow]

I have come to share my awkward [HUMAN] hobbies with you meatbags, for I am a [HUMAN] [beepboobmeow]
I require a charging port, for I have random illogical [HUMAN] needs
[RUN PURR.ogg]


Yotsuba-chan from, erm, Yotsuba&! Had to actually take a photo of the manga to get the picture as the same panel I found on the Web had none of the details behind or the sparkly bubbles.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
As October is upon us I decided to choose the CCG’s own reaper, Kishou Arima, from Tokyo Ghoul, specifically the artwork featured on the Volume 13 cover. I did have a Kaneki pic lined up but decided it was a bit too gruesome.