So What's Your Avatar Pic?


Stand User
Maybe he's too busy convalescing from his "Dec and Ant" nightmare 🤔

More like convulsing really - its very disturbing. But...I honestly did come in to this forum with a view on not changing my avatar whenever a new anime I like comes on so I'll pass on this one. Unless you can find an image of Oeufcoque in a plug-suit :)


The Wildcard
Crisp and shiny Rebuild version. 😉
Ah, is it. I just picked a nice shot. Was going to go with some beer drinking or shades removing, but couldn't find any decent ones.

I haven't seen any Rebuild movies yet. The first 3 are inconsistent in their release, so I'll wait till the last one is out and hope someone has the rights to all 4 and release them in a complete collection.