So, what's for lunch?


The Wildcard
That looks so good! Are those kits easily available? I really like the Itsu ramen kit.
It was very warming and had a bit of a kick to it afterwards, but it didn't linger too long. I want to try a miso soup next.
I brought it in Sainsbury's. Seems there's been a lot of Japanese food and kits turning up on the shelves recently.


Student Council President
I had delicious pea, coconut and turmeric soup from Tideford Organics for lunch (it's vegan as well though I put butter in it) and for breakfast I had a bacon and fried egg sourdough crusty baguette roll sort of thing with this special sauce in it and cheese, tomato and some sort of nice leaf (I'm guessing lettuce) plus a hot chocolate which was so nice that I got another hot chocolate a bit later from the same place :) feel really good for having had all those nice veggies in the soup :)