Simulwatch schedule and suggestions list


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A mission for a Thousand Master? 😅

I see what you did there! :)

It's simple maths but at 3 episodes a day it's a whole years worth of watching... even if it's good, I'd only really consider it if I had more or less ran out of other things to watch I think.

It's alright he only did 1 episode 😜 No. 199!
The film was the sixth OP film, I don't know if can be watched out of context or not though.

Probably not!

Girls with Guns

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Oooh, well I'd vote for Death Parade, Noein, or Durarara!! - if I were voting to participate. But, I am incapable of writing reviews or delving into giving any opinion, even for individual episodes, beyond stating that I either loved it, hated it, or it was meh. So why it is I don't participate in any of these. I just watch anime for entertainment, and don't dwell on what my thoughts are about it publicly any deeper than that. Oh well. 😔
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With the article about Clamp posted today I was wondering if there'd be any interest in watching xxxholic at some point. Maybe an October simulwatch as its full of spirits. Anyone interested?

I'll also post this in the other simulwatch threads to gauge interest.


I don't much mind when a particular simulwatch happens. I just really want to rewatch xxxholic now and would happily start today if people wanted to. I also want to watch Boogiepop as the recent blu ray is sat on my watch pile so will join that if we do that.


You can get the old manga dvds on ebay pretty cheap