Recommend me some "serious" series.


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Maxon said:
Lupus Inu said:
@ Maxon: Yeah, I mentioned Berserk too him a while ago, wasn't too enthusiastic with the whole idea, plus the animation is pretty LQ so I dunno if he'd consider it or not, will give it another mention to.
I've seen worse anime that have aired in the last few years when you look at the animation quality. Animation quality is never an indicator of a show's quality. If you're friend is so superficial over these things, he's missing out on loads of great anime, e.g. Martian Successor Nadesico and Devilman Lady.

Even so, it's still LQ animation, nothing bad, obviously, but it's animation still stands as LQ. My friend won't like Martian Successor Nadesico, I can pretty much confirm that, and if he does, then uh... his opinion has changed. >_>

Ushio said:
Memories, Paranoia Agent or Lain for me.
They seem it fit perfectly, Ushio, thanks. ;D

Will give him Master Keaton, Everything that Hopeful_Monster mentioned and will also Welcome to the NHK!

Lol, Elfen Lied, I think everyone has seen that by now.

You guys are suprisingly good at this, thanks for the help.


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Calm yourself, son. I'm no keyboard warrior like yourself. Now the biggest question of all is: Do I announce who you are or not? ;/



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Gekko Go said:
wo man chill your beans
i havn't been here that long but both of your posts have been troll attack
Say hello to my friend, he's just doing that as a joke, sadly. ;[

But yeah, he thanks you all for what you've recommended although he never said it. >__>


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Maxon said:
Lelouch said:
I think he should also try Elfen Lied.
Elfen Lied isn't as great as everyone says. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's certainly not great either. One to put on hold until better stuff has been watched, methinks.

Depends on your tastes, i loved Elfen Lied.


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Still the one series that has ever seriously upset me the most. i.e. Sara getting used as a "reward".
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What about giving Speed Grapher a go not exactly realistic but pretty serious in the whole.

Black Cat ain't bad either pretty serious with a touch of comedy but again not that realistic.


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someone mentioned x/1999 and i think that is a genius and sad anime, but i don't if it's real life anime that he wants but it evokes real life emotion especially rumbling hearts.... ^_^


naya_lulu said:
but it evokes real life emotion especially rumbling hearts.... ^_^
Rumbling Hearts certainly does evoke "real life emotions" (whatever those are). Those are emotions of finding the characters stupid and annoying. It's good for 2 episodes then bombs. Stay clear.


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Has anyone mentioned "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" yet?

That's a really good series. Don't let the dated visuals or the sci-fi setting fool you either, you come this show for the characters and the storyline.

It all basically centers around an age old conflict between the Galactic Imperium (mainly focussed on the Admiral Lohengramm), and the Republic (main character here is Admiral Yang-Wenli). A lot of it is about the conflict between the ideals of democracy and authoritarianism, and how the characters view this as they pass through the conflict. There's a lot of philosophising on both sides of the conflict as to what precisely they're fighting for, and none of the main cast are pegged as outright "bad guys" (and there is a pretty huge cast over the course of this show). Everyone has a reason for their actions.

It's spread out over 100 episodes, so it'll give you plenty to work through too. And unlike most long shows there's very little if any filler, there's always something significant going on, with events that happen early and mid-way through the series still having their effects throughout. It didn't appear that they were afraid to take risks with either the story or the characters, you can tell it was based off of a series of novels.

Space Opera is rarely done like this anymore, and even more rarely is it this well executed. Sure the space battles never made too much sense to me (I'm pretty sure that they were winging a lot of that stuff), but I can live with that for a show that makes an effort to become something more wide-ranging and epic.


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^ I hear nothing but good things about Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but I'm put off by the long episode count :/

Maxon said:
Rumbling Hearts certainly does evoke "real life emotions" (whatever those are). Those are emotions of finding the characters stupid and annoying. It's good for 2 episodes then bombs. Stay clear.

Of course it's bad - it's based on an erotic videogame! I don't understand this series's popularity; well, I do, it's the whole moe thing, but I don't understand how that alone can sell a series to so many people :[