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There's a new update on The Island of Giant Insects which was supposed to be available back in June on Crunchyroll. Basically the one back in June was an OVA and while Crunchyroll screened it at their expo, there's a theatrical version scheduled for 2020 which I suspect will be the version that Crunchyroll will be using for their platform.

That makes me itch.Starts scratching.


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Announced at the Nozomi panel, Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (NT) and After War Gundam X are coming to Blu-ray in 2020.

After War Gundam X is a Blu-ray upgrade from the previously released DVD years ago.


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VIZ Media Europe = Kazé, the leading Anime publisher in Germany and one of the larger Anime publishers in France.
They partnered with Manga UK for some releases between 2012(?) and 2018(?). Afaik they are the UK rights holders for One Punch Man 2.


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The German language version of the press release mentiones that everything is still subject to legal approvals (e.g. cartel laws).


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We do. Parts 1 and 2 were in the same season
I forgot that they released Season 1 in one set, rather than split it to two parts (one for Phantom Blood, and one for Battle Tendency). Viz did the same thing for the US release (released the entire first season in one set). It's from Stardust Crusaders onwards (which we don't have) that they did part sets, if I'm correct.


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Do you think Viz Media/Kaze will established themselves here in the UK too or avoid us completely now?
probably just use Manga like usual if they can

i wonder how far Viz media can go over here using the name if they decide to do it themself since Viz (old magazine company) is still going afaik