[Overseas] Anime News & Announcements


Madman have some decent titles coming but my main priority is getting Sailor Moon R and both parts of Super S whilst they’re still in print. I forget they usually do a sale in January as well though so that might be interesting.

Girls wIth Guns

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yes, you would have to get it as part of a larger order from them to make it worthwhile, just like I have to order at least 5 or 6 titles together from AtA to make their high priced shipping worth it to the US. For me over here, I can get both free shipping and no tax with Rightstuf.

Mr L

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The word is that Evangelion on Netflix is being redubbed but its rather up in the air right now if any old cast members will be brought back.


Mr L

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And the whole thing can be put online illegally for anyone who gets impatient with their schedule.


Captain Karen
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I don't understand this. Why would you want the a redub with the same cast? Whats the point? The only voice that needed changing imo was Shinji but if your going to redub than surely a new cast might add something different?
I think the assumption is that ADV has a stranglehold on the dub, so it may be a case of licencing rather than actively wanting a new dub.