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WHSmith might have a couple of copies on hand, chillock, if you'd still like to track one down. Forbidden Planet, just outside the Victoria Centre, usually has a copy or two, as well...I think.

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fabricatedlunatic said:
tawdry alternative wank mags. Crivens!

Oh lordy. I think I still have that issue.


Got the odd issue here and there but as I get more region 1/A dvds/blu-rays than region 2/B there are not many reviews/articles that are much use.

The last clear out saw most of the issue I had get thrown out (although I kept any cover discs/posters though).

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I used to buy it regulary last year , but now I use the money for buying Yu-Gi-Oh cards since I have AUKN and ANN as for all my anime news needs :p

I still have a look at the magazine, whenever I am in WH Smiths.


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The one place I have seen always having it in is surprising HMV 0_o

I never bought Neo because I already knew about anything covered in the magazine months in advance. I must say I am surprised at people's comments at what is being covered and the lack of Beez coverage. If no advertising is given, then the industry won't grow. I think it's kinda sick that manga is using this sort of tactic especially as Beez covers a part of the market manga won't normally touch. Maybe thier titles just arn't 'cool' enough.


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Just brought the new neo and I am done with it now. Vampire Love Bud or whatever the stupid name for it is has the 10 year old girl in it in her underwear. I couldn't look at it or the strike wicthes one either on the bus because I was too embassed that manga has brought this pedo **** out over here. And the fact that neo are championing it makes it worse. And again witht the no beez reviews again. No house of 5 leaves review **** you neo


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I am that we have enough fans to support somethinhg like Neo, but I find the content a bit shallow for what I am looking for.

However when I was first getting in to Anime about 10/11 years ago I would have loved to have something like Neo. I was desperate for every little scrap of anime information I could get my hands on. It was like I had just found this strange secret world that I wanted to get into, but information was hard to come by (we didnt have the internet).

I can remember being so excited the first time I went to a Borders. They had imported american mags and I would buy them and read them until they fell apart. The content of most of these was probably pretty shallow, but again it was all I had and it felt like I was suddenly being let in on this massve secret.

A few years after this I can remember me feeling like it was a 'big deal' to find a copy of Newtype Usa. I dont think I would rate it now.

What I am trying to say is that I dont really rate Neo, but I imagine if you were just getting into Anime it would be nice to know you were not crazy and alone.