MyAnimeList/Anime-Planet/Kitsu/AniList Discussion Thread


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NormanicGrav said:
Figured I'll resurrect the thread in case the new members weren't aware of this.

If you haven't already feel free to add me on My Anime List and Hummingbird, if you have a different username on both of them just let me know (no harm in doing so).
Followed you on hummingbird, under "Peachy"


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Not sure if I'd posted in this thread before or not. I don't believe I have though so, I currently use Anime Planet and while I tend to be a little bad at keeping it updated week to week it's currently up to date for the first time in ages. It should catalogue pretty much everything I've ever watched, although I'm sure there is stuff missing as always...


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I can't tell if the date comments are really clever jokes or not.

Either way, thanks for the adds so far everyone! I'm inclined to agree with previous posters, you all watch way more stuff than me!

st_owly (witch)

I only date stuff when I can be bothered so, especially for manga, a lot is undated. I mostly use it to remember where I'm up to in a series. Added you both, Jedi and Surprises.