UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

Took me a minute to work out why there were 2 of the same titles and they didn't look to be limited edition version.
Crunchyroll really don't want to sell DVD any more do they. so many of the DVD release look to be more than the Blu-ray version (on MVM site anyway).
The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat is the DOTW at MVM this week.

I see the word hentai, I buy. 🫢
Lol, nah, I buy real hentai titles, not those imitation wanna-be hentai series, such as ecchi series... ;)

I should be getting close to 50 titles on Blu-ray, now. Mmm... 🤤
I prefer to close the curtains and stream those ones on dodgy sites ;)

Laffs aside it's a great romantic comedy series and I highly recommend it, really good characters and writing IMO :)
I liked it - I was tempted to join in with Komari plush-making while watching it.
Do you like Non Non Biyori? Then you will like the Vacation movie.

Like others have said if you enjoy relaxing slice of life then definitely, I've only seen and own S1 so though I've ordered the movie I won't be watching it until I've seen S2 as I'm pretty sure it takes place between S2 and S3.

Hopefully the seasons will be on DOTW in the upcoming weeks.
Hmm. I haven’t seen S2 either. I guess best practice would be to put on hold too.