UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

It mention 12 episodes so looks like it is probably just the first season (art work matches season 1 also).

I think orginally Season 1 was a seprate release from 2/repeat (all of which are probably ow pretty much out of print), leaving just the collection of season 1&2 together, So I suspect that is were they have gotten confused (when answering the tweet). (I even think one of the seasons was straight up region B, but would have to check Denny region compatibility thread).

So seperate season would already have there own art work which MVM do like, but of course that would still be the case for combine season 1&2.
EDIT:Could also be getting differnt disc art with it coming from the seprate edition rather thna the collection.

But yeah like a few other I was expecting/hoping for a collection of season 1&2, but yeah we will have to see what MVM say.