UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

Denny Fisher

Death Scythe
Is mvm announcing a third release today?

Our next three Early Bird deals will reveal new licenses, and to get in the Christmas spirit for the first 24 hours they'll be available at 50% off! Price will then revert back to regular EB price.

Judging from how they responded on twitter I thought that there where three titles being announced during Christmas.

Darren Skippings

School Idol
Do you think mvm could do some of there releases on SD to BD. Rather than dvd only?
There is no reason why they wouldn't, it's more down to who authors their discs, if MVM get a license for say Blue Seed, they'd have to release it as an SDBD, as that is the only release still available.
I assume Tony does it on a series by series thing, depending on what is available to him.
Interesting thing about MVM's release of The Familiar of Zero Season 1, which was first released in 2014. I received it today, amongst other titles I purchased from their 12 Days sale, and it seems that later batches use the masters from Sentai's Complete Collection release from 2017 (at the end of the English post-credit scroll, it was given a 2017 copyright at the end). The other 3 seasons still use Hanabee's discs.