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Are AOL shipping Gundam Origin 5-6 or did @NormanicGrav just get lucky? Nothing on my end so far. I ordered it along with the Pancreas blu ray so maybe thats delaying it?
All the Gundam 5-6 have shipped, both from our site and AL's. Chances are it's just gotten delayed, or if you're outside the UK it'll obviously take a bit longer.


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That Samurai Champloo one is very nice looking. Seems like a good time to upgrade from the old dvd version I have.

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Yeah, I pre-ordered them during the Holiday Sale sight unseen, just for the steels, so I'm double-dipping on both. Definitely worth it now that I see the artwork.

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So sometime beyond May then, which they had Champloo postponed to the last it had a date set... Yay. Guess they have to get all the sale items shipped out to customers before they can start making plans to get new stuff manufactured, lol.