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i couldn't really find a sentai focused thread aside from the premium sets thread but since MVM have the license for it here i figured it'd be fine to ask it here

with the Umaru-chan R release is there a chance that Sentai would be including the 2 OVAs that in Japan came with the manga volumes? the Animatsu release of the first season was a 1:1 clone of the sentai release and that only included the shorts and 3 videos with the VAs
As you say it really does depend on whether Sentai decides to go for it. OVAs are almost always a separate license especially in the case of being released with manga volumes due to different production committees.


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Hi all just asking for an oppinion, I want to get Garden of Sinners and planning to pre-order it closer to the release date from their store. But I'm not sure if MVM tend to "sell out" of their pre-orders or stop accepting them like AL sometimes do so I'm wondering if I should pre-order asap to get in?

Has this been a thing in the past with MVM as well?


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i dont think that mvm tend to sell out of their preorders least not known them to and usually 9/10 of the time they can be sourced from other retailers like amazon too


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Usually MVM will give a stock update on twitter if they start getting low. I dont really see that happening with GoS though, unless loads of people decide to import it.


If I am still alive when KnK comes out on Blu-ray, only for it to be OOP on release, that would pain me. So, I hope there is a Twitter warning posted here should such a a thing become a possibility. I offer FREE likes to anyone that posts such warnings/alerts... if I'm still alive, that is.

I seriously just want the 5th movie, and £80+ a bit steep for that, so I'm hoping there will be a discount code to use on it before release.


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Ooo nice to see someone getting in early and picking up Domestic Girlfriend, I was hoping it'd be picked up here when they announced it was getting a dub. Nice to see Anohana finally licensed too, that one has been deserving a release for years now.


I’m annoyed the sentai titles are the ones I kinda hate mysteria friends is my special kind of hated show and Domestic girlfriend looks and sounds awful by what I’ve seen but AnoHana removes all those negatives as I was near buying AoAs this week


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Damn! I picked up AoA's release of Anohana nearly 2 years ago! Well, that's what I get for not waiting (then again, I didn't think any UK distributor would get it after so long). I won't be double dipping (I never double dip anyway unless it's for an upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray), but I'm glad for everyone else in the UK that this is licensed. It's well overdue.

Of the other licenses, I'm interested in Domestic Girlfriend. I've already watched the series on Hi-Dive and rather enjoyed it. The other 3 titles I'm on the fence about, as I've yet to see them.


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Some great pick ups. Definitely getting Bunny Girl and Yuuna. I may get Anohana and Aaura Cryin looks interesting.