Manga Force - UK anime magazine hits national TV


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Hey the mag isn't bad at all the dvd has extras last nite I watched the making of ghost in the shell in which the main people were interviewed!
and the dvd is very well made with japanese literal subs and dual language also the next issue is a double issue costing a total of 8.99 the price of one issue! oh, and I've subcribed!

PS if someone can get me a list of titles being realised I will be a happy anime fan


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I posted a topic about this in September, lol. I got about four or five issues, then i thought it disappeared.
I havn't seen any of the adverts recently, though i did a few times quite a few months ago. As far as i can remember the ones i bought had Sub and Dub tracks, and extras, though the magazine never qualifies as a magazine.
A shame anime is still being refered to and Manga though, lol


The DVDs are probably exactly the same as the standard versions - it costs money to remove all the extras and these people are doing it on the cheap.

They show about 8 DVDs in the ad, can anyone work out what the other 4 are from the blurred and obscured covers?


butch-cassidy said:
BTW the publishers site claims that there will be 50 discs is total. :shock:
50?! Where will Manga find 50 DVD titles? Surely they can’t put 18 certificates from the ‘tentacles era’ on the front of the magazine?


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I think they're talking about when Legend of the Overfiend caused some contraverse in the News of The World about stuff from Japan, it's why Geneon pulled out the UK market etc. IIRC, anyway.

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I have finally seen this ad on the tv. An it was on during the celeb big bro break. Surprised it got such a slot as alot of people will be watching that. (Not me I was just flicking an happened across it.... really)


I was going to post asking for some general advice on whether a subscription was worth a beginner such as myself, but first I checked out claims that it would be cheaper to buy the DVDs at retail and it turns out to be more or less true.

I don't think anyone mentioned the first dozen titles coming out, well they are:
Akira, Blood: The Last Vampire, Ninja Scroll, Street Fighter, Appleseed, Evangelion, Armageddon, Golgo 13, Tokyo Underground, Heat Guy J, Macross Plus.

Seems quite a few off them could be bought for over £5 on HMV. With that revelation I didn't really have much point joining lol.

I guess it was going to be disappointing when I looked at the website, I'm doing web design in uni so I can confidently say that is a website made using year 2000 techniques. Also a shame it shows the sex, violent and blood side of anime cus a couple of causal offerings would of balanced it out more.

And for the guy who said they had subscripted to it earlier, was cancelled and was confused to find it available again, I had a similar experience when I subscripted to the Star Wars datafile mags. I think it's some sort of annoying marketing test, cus the second time they suddenly put advertisements everywhere.


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First of all, hello and welcome to the forums Wai_TungLeung, I believe I've seen you somewhere before. :wink:

Onto the topic.. Can't say I'm interested at all but it's nice that there's something that could lure in new people, and provide competition to the other anime mag(s). Nothing really bad can happen, I doubt Manga will go out of business if it bombs, looks like more of an experiment than anything.


anyone know if the version of ghost in the shell is the newer edition where the soundtrack is in sync as I have the old version and to replace it for £2.99 is a very good deal :O)


im pretty new to manga but at least i no that it shouldnt be called manga as manga is in books and anime is for movies :) ill probly subscribe to it though as i could get da movies cheaper but probly wountlt be able to buy all that there least this way i can be given da dvds and watch dem al with out thinking of which one to buy