Luna's Search & Sale pile

New for sale:
Aquarian Age Sign for Evolution Complete Collection DVD; US release by ADV, RC1, watched once
New for search:
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Blu-ray; preferably one with English dub, but the French release will do, too.

Not much in a hurry to this totally oversized thing to store.
New for sale:

Bakemonogatari Volume 1
Bakemonogatari Volume 2
Bakemonogatari Volume 3
Nisemonogatari Volume 1
Nisemonogatari Volume 2
Nekomonogatari (Black)
; US Vertical novel release, new and unread.

Have any released of the second season too, if you take all.
New for sale:
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite; new and unused, except for one test run.
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Screen Glass; For an extra protection of the screen. Not used.
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Outer Protection Cover with east Asian flower pattern; new and unused, has the extra function auf auto-shutting off the kindle, when not in use (Amazon Link)
Anybody interested in regular novels? Reading a whole bunch away these days.

Prayers to Broken Stones // Dan Simmons; English, Paperback
Redshirts // John Scalzi; English, Hardcover+Dust Jacket

are the starters.
Feeling out for Offers:
Fate/Zero Aniplex USA Box 1-2

An acquaintance might be willing to part with it, if for the right price.
New Manga for Sale:
Skip Beat Volume 41

When you just get the wrong language all over again... Anyway, it's got a bigger size than the German ones so it needs to go. =X
New for Sale:
Wolf Girl & Black Prince Blu-ray Complete Collection new and unwatched, but the shrinkwrap got unwrapped

Way to got for duplets. In progress of digging up more...
Totally forgot to put that one up:

New for Sale:
March comes Like a Lion Season 1 Part 2 Aniplex USA Release new and unwatched and sealed in it's original plastic bag

Probably not much fo interest with AL's release around, which I totally thought was one of the lost licenses. @_@"
New Manga for Sale:
Black Jack Volume 2 Vertical release, has some wear at the edges

And there I though this has gone out already a long time ago...
Updated the main list and added a new category and weeded out some out of date entries. I hope I didn't oversee anything. @_@"