Introducing the Anime UK News Reader’s Choice Awards!



Every year, Anime UK News publishes a Year In Review article, focussing on the best anime, manga, and light novels of the last 12 months, as chosen by our expert editorial team. This year, we’ve decided to go one step further: We’re introducing the Anime UK News Reader’s Choice Awards, a search for the very best anime, manga, and light novels of the year, chosen by the most important part of Anime UK News: You.

Based on input from our staff and community, we’ve compiled 18 categories encompassing the entire UK anime, manga, and light novel industry – and every single one will be decided by popular vote. Voting opens today, and will run for two weeks, until midnight on the 15th of January 2018.

The rules for voting are:

  • Voting is open to everyone, even if you’re not already a member of Anime UK News.
  • All questions are optional, and you may fill in as many or as few as you wish. The one exception is the identification question at the end of the quiz, which is mandatory for verification purposes.
  • Most questions have a write-in option, which can be used by clicking “Other,” typing the full name of your nomination, and then clicking the tick to finalise it.
  • The winners of each award will be announced within two weeks after voting closes on the 15th January 2018.
  • Only one vote will be accepted from each person. If duplicate entries are found, only the latest will be counted.
  • Entries may be rejected at the discretion of the judging staff, for the explicit purpose of ensuring the awards are representative and fair. All decisions regarding the authenticity of an entry will be final.

And with all that, it’s time to go vote! Click the big red button below and let us know your picks for the Anime UK News Reader’s Choice Awards! If you go through the survey and spot any errors, let us know by contacting us via Twitter, our forums, or our Discord server, and we’ll see what we can do!

Continue reading and cast your vote...
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Read on to discover if kuuderes_shadow did ANY votes that weren't write ins...

Bear in mind that I haven't watched any anime from Autumn this year at all so won't be voting for them.

Best TV anime: I take it SukaSuka wasn't on the list because whoever created the poll couldn't be bothered to type out its name. I voted for it anyway. Barely watched anything on the actual list.

Best film: didn't see any, so didn't vote.

Best Animation: The first ep preview of Violet Evergarden at MCM Expo is the one that stands out but that doesn't really count so I voted for YouJitsu.

Best Writing: SukaSuka. It isn't even a contest.

Best OP/ED: The best thing an OP can do is get you in a good frame of mind for the anime ahead. As such my vote is for Youkoso Japari Park e from Kemono Friends.

Best Soundtrack: SukaSuka. Again.

Best UK anime distributor: Left blank. None stand out in particular.

Best streaming platform: Crunchyroll. HiDive is close though. Not a write in, but then this one wasn't going to be was it?

Best Home Video release: Left blank. Not bought enough of them to judge fairly.

Shows I want a license for: Difficult to answer given I've been rather out of this side of things so not sure what has or hasn't got a license. Voted for Yuyushiki - pretty sure that one hasn't been licensed.

Best new manga: left blank. I've been doing reading of old stuff but not picking up new ones.

Best ongoing series: Arpeggio of Blue Steel. A bit off the beaten track but I've really enjoyed this series recently. Enough that I'm voting for it over Non Non Biyori...

Best light novel: The big one. Voting based on the volume/s that have come out in English this year, though, No Game No Life volume 6 takes the cake.

Best art: I really like the art in Magical Girl Raising Project, so voted for that.

Best writing: Overlord.

Best distributor: I'm voting based on the description, rather than my actual view on the title of the award. The company that has done the most for manga and light novels (or, rather, just the latter) is definitely J-Novel Club.

Best new female character: Nina Alexandrovna. Bet noone else is voting for her...

Best new male character: Glenn Radars

In the end the only non-write-ins were for companies...

Incidentally, the last section is called "characters and fun" - given the two poll questions are both on characters does that mean that entering your username is the "fun" bit?
I did a tactical vote, voting for not my favourite, but my second favourite that is more likely to win.

It's on my list (along with Made in Abyss and Land of the Lustrous), but still waiting for HiDive to release a PlayStation app! Girls' Last Tour was free so watched on phone app, I need to sign up for the rest.

I've only watched a handful of shows so voted for the ones that were on the list. Films were a bit easier as I saw most of the releases this year. Don't know how Lu Over the Wall soundtrack wasn't listed, so that was my only no-list pick (apart from Rabbit from Juni Taisen as a joke pick for best male :p)

On manga I wasn't sure if In This Corner of the World was allowed as it's been out a while digitally, but got its paperback release in 2017.
I ended up voting Other on alot of these. Like how does Eccentric Family Season 2 not get a nod for Best Animation? or furthermore how does the latest Linked Horizon AOT opening not get nominated?

Anyway was fun to vote.
This is a nice idea. A nice idea it would feel disingenuous of me to participate in however, since I've watched about two shows that aired last year.
Honestly pretty hard to remember stuff from the start of the year heck even summer season.

OPs and EDs have been incredibly disappointing this year, ended up going for DBS OP2. Soundtrack too ended up going for DBS again...

Best anime was easy choice Kitan. 100%, didn't expect anything and got a show with great characters some great stories and terrific animation. Ended up giving it best animation and best female too. Surprised there wasn't like a surprise of the year category as that would have got the vote too lol.
OPs and EDs have been incredibly disappointing this year, ended up going for DBS OP2. Soundtrack too ended up going for DBS again...

Really? I thought it was an outstanding year for OPs myself. Truth be told, the majority of the nominations in that category came from me, I think each of them are absolutely superb.
I also voted "Other" for all the manga questions. Tokyo Ghoul: Re not being listed under best ongoing manga series' is a shame. I voted for that in the writing and art categories too. Sui Ishida is a great mangaka.