If You Had A Thousand Pounds...


there's a few things I want which are basically just to get more up to date stuff, I could get one or two with my savings and be ok but here it goes:

£cool grand probably go towards the newer hp spectres' tablet/laptop deelees. I have the first iteration of them and hp have made upgrades on them every year

£cold hard ten kay I get the feeling that creativity and making something new has been a neglected art in the UK for a few years now, I've got the lofty goal to make a career in either comics or animation but I haven't got the skills to get there. £ten kay could possibly cover the budget for a passionate skeleton crew to create a short, possibly an animated short, and the internet would provide that crew with a way of spreading awareness of this short, though I don't think it would make any kind of return, Indie projects rarely do, unless it's some vidya on the usual storefronts, I'd save anything that isn't used up in the budget. failing that and going on a selfish note, I will use the £ten kay for a top of the line VR headset and some bleeding edge upgrades for my rig to run it, I shall show you all that reality itself is something only to be practised by the unwashed casuals!


Za Warudo
I'd spend £1000 in a week of extravagant cafe frequenting in Bloomsbury (which has the finest cafes in the world), during which I'd treat everyone I like to the life of Riley. But I'd not forget to get all the coffee card stamps, so I'd be sorted for artisanal coffee for quite a long time to come. Ah, that would be heaven.

With 10 grand, hmmm, I'd like to think I'd save it. But in reality I'd probably lose the plot, go to Savile Row and buy a lot of expensive shoes that I immediately regret buying (I've done this a couple times already, but not quite 10 grand worth). No, actually I wouldn't really, I've learnt my lesson and I now steer well clear of 'the row' (I call it death row). I'd buy a Holiday and frequent cafes extravagantly in a new country.


Death Scythe
Id spend half on an all inclusive beach holiday and half towards my mortgage.

You can tell i always think what i’d do with a money win lol.

Like if i won £100k i’d use half to pay off whats left on my mortgage, give £30k to my Mum and Bro and use £20k for meeeeee. Which would be holidays.


Comic Book Guy
While you guys were talking about ways you'd indulge yourselves with substantial amounts of money, I went ahead and won the lottery. The orphanage is doing well, and I'm beloved of vulnerable kids the world o'er.

I also had a fair wodge left over. Enough for a comfy retirement and a few consecutive holidays. See? When you give of your money selflessly, but keep a much larger chunk of it for yourself, good things start happening to you. Why, I even met the love of my life - a blonde glamour model, twenty years my junior! Who'd have thunk it, eh?

(Also, hi Danielle! Good to see you around here again!)


Comic Book Guy
Why, I even met the love of my life - a blonde glamour model, twenty years my junior!

Urgh - even though it was a stupid joke, I just read this back to myself and realise how ancient it makes me feel. 41 next year... somebody shoot me.


Comic Book Guy
I’ll be 30 next year. So it has been a while my being here hehe.

I used to tell people I couldn't remember what I was doing when I was 20. Now I say that about 30. 40 comes up awful fast. Dammit - my hip went as I was posting this. And everything costs more than it used to. Things were better when everything was fields. Never in my day! I didn't fight in two world wars for this! Actually, I didn't fight in two world wars. But that's beside the point...